Manage Your Own Ticket Sales

Create your own event and ticketing platform in less than 5 minutes. Input your ticket details and sell securely and directly anywhere in the world. Access in real time key event statistics.

Simple to Use

Sign up in seconds via email or using your Facebook account. Lilipass is designed to be very easy and intuitive to use.

Easy Ticket Control by Smartphone

Thanks to our free mobile application lilicheck, ticket control can be done via smartphone or tablet.

Data synchronisation mean you can access real time statistics even if the event takes place across multiple locations at the same time

Key statistics include number of entries into the event and certain event parameters can be modified immediately.

Low Commission on Conventional Ticketing

Only 2% commission charged on conventional ticketing (min. 0.95 £,$,chf,€,CAD). We can charge a low commission because our platform is designed to be highly automated and self-managed.

Charges only apply to tickets sold

We charge a small commission on tickets sold, so nothing sold means nothing charged.

Free for Free Events

We charge no commission on free events eg charity or community events.


For high demand events this unique feature helps maximise revenue in two ways. It allows you to recapture ticket revenue lost to the secondary resale market or to simply optimise pricing by event and/or ticket type.

Liliprice system enables dynamic pricing from a premium down to face value. This means the earlier your tickets sell, the greater your incremental revenue and ability to reinvest for the benefit of your customers.

Stimulate sales and communicate with potential customers on a waiting list.

Sell From Physical Points of Sale

In addition to seeling tickets from your website or Facebook events page, you can also sell tickets in physical locations eg concert tickets could be put on sale in restaurants opposite the concert hall. Any such agent just needs an internet connection, a printer and an event poster

Maximise Event Awareness

Your customers can publicise their ticket purchase on their social networks, driving awareness and motivating their community to follow their lead.

Use Available Customer Data

Retain and use customer data to track and stimulate your sales, promote new events to targeted markets, announce changes or simply to thank your customers.